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Data is at the heart of business transformation. Our solutions provide insights that help you develop new products and services, elevate customer experience, and enhance business outcomes.

Building Data Analytics Solutions for Different Domains

We help businesses from 30+ industries integrate, aggregate, and analyze various data types from multiple data sources to address their most deliberate needs at department and enterprise levels

Financial analytics

  •  Monitoring revenue, expenses, and profitability of a company. 
  • Profitability analysis and financial performance management.
  • Budget planning, formulating long-term business plans. 
  • Financial risk forecasting and management.

Customer Analytics

  • Customer behavior analysis and predictive modeling. 
  • Customer segmentation for tailored sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Personalized cross-selling and upselling offers for extended customer lifetime value. 
  • Predict customer attrition and customer churn risk management. 
  • Customer sentiment analysis.

Sales & Product Analytics

  • Sales channel analytics. 
  • Pricing analytics to design pricing strategies. 
  • Identifying and predicting sales trends. 
  • Conducting product performance analysis. 
  • Tracking customer interactions with a product to identify pain points leading to churn. 
  • Conducting competitor benchmarking.

Asset Analytics

  • Real-time asset monitoring and tracking. 
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance, developing asset maintenance strategies. 
  • Planning asset investments.
  •  Asset usage analytics, planning and scheduling asset modernization/replacement/disposal strategies.

Supply Chain Analytics

  • Identifying demand drivers, consumer demand forecasting, and planning.
  • Supplier performance monitoring and evaluation. 
  • Predictive route optimization. 
  • Determining the optimal level of inventory to meet the demand and prevent stockouts, inventory planning, and management. 
  • Identifying patterns and trends throughout the supply chain for enhanced supply chain risk management. 

Healthcare Analytics

  • Patient health condition monitoring, condition-based alerting. 
  • Patient treatment optimization. 
  • Assessment of patient risks and personalized care plan recommendations.
  • Proactive care (defining trends and patterns in a patient condition requiring a doctor’s attention). 
  • Fraud detection in healthcare insurance. 
  • Medical staff workload prediction and work shift optimization. 
  • Optimization of clinical space and equipment usage. 


Embed analytics across the enterprise to improve customer experience and reduce costs.

Design innovative solutions for data-driven products and services.

Leverage AI as the digital brain to become resilient and adaptable.

Build sustainable businesses with a range of performance metrics.

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Blockchains have different utilities and strengths. Depending on the feasibility for your project, this is the range of sterling Layer 1 Blockchain we build on.

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