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RiDiDa is a Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace for exclusive and Valuable global NFT Collections across various domains.


A virtual gaming platform allows players to build and monetize their gaming experiences. It is working on the Binance Blockchain using MTW’s utility Token

Meta Whale World

BUK is a next-generation, NFT-based hotel inventory distribution infrastructure. BUK makes the conventional hotel booking experience more flexible and decentralised so all participants, travellers, hotel owners and investors can greatly benefit from the protocol.


Griffin Art is a project on Binance Smart Chain that brings NFTs and GameFi together by integrating its NFT marketplace with popular types of mobile games (around mythological creatures). The project is powered by a reliable, hyper-deflationary token: $GART.

Griffin Art

Cryptolution is the first crypto platform ever to merge a decentralized exchange with a fiat payment gateway. Connecting two different worlds and combining ease of use with safety.


World's first multi chain Web3 as a service, platform with a circumvolve experience for all the solutions in NFT economy, Metaverse and gaming.


A Real Estate Tokenization platform with multiple features such as Lending/ Borrowing, Tokenizing etc.


A decentralized exchange based on torn Blockchain, attributing from lowest transaction cost to trading fee refund.


LedgerScore’s suite of financial products makes it simple to start establishing a personal or business crypto credit profile. Unlike traditional credit reporting bureaus, like Equifax, LedgerScore's patent pending technology aggregates its data from cryptocurrency transactions.


A Play-to-Earn marketplace platform that enables creators by offering fully customizable end-to-end functionality.


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